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I hope this website can help answer many of your questions about Rolfing® Structural Integration. Rolfing can take different forms depending on your needs. Generally, my Rolfing fall into two categories:

1. A traditional Rolfing experience, with emphasis on the Rolfing Ten Series. Here, I work with you to cultivate vital lifestyle adjustments, like stretches, exercises, and gait and posture correction.

2. Integration of Rolfing with counseling based upon body centered psychotherapy. To read more about my therapy approach please go to



In either case, I focus on understanding what causes the pain or limitations that you have, so that together, we can    intelligently work on correcting the problem so you get the results you need. I want you to not to just feel better right after the therapy session, but feel better all the time.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please call:

(541) 292-9876

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